Where Will Your Child Be In September 2014?

by / Saturday, 11 January 2014 / Published in Recent Posts

In grade one programs, we focus on relationships that young children develop with teachers and other children. They are crucial to early learning and development. Positive relationships formed through warm, sensitive, and responsive care help children feel valued and permit them to gain more from their learning experiences. Children need positive relationships so that they feel comfortable and learn how to cooperate with others. Relationships between teachers and families are also important. They help to build environments that nurture children’s growth, development and learning. Choosing the ideal grade one setting for your child may be easier than you think.

Classrooms that welcome all children, enjoying learning experiences in a nurturing setting

Communication with children in a warm, caring manner, including laughing, showing genuine understanding, and sincerely responding to academic, social and personal needs.

Teachers using a gentle tone of voice with all children blended with many smiles and signs of encouragement; building on their learning strengths while meeting their emerging needs.

Teachers providing a balance of group experiences and one-on-one activities to encourage each child to develop important group and individual relationship skills.

Children having opportunities to play and interact with other children  helps them build friendships and develop social skills.

Teachers and families developing relationships, sharing information and educating children.