Transitions: The Learning Life Cycle

by / Saturday, 18 January 2014 / Published in Recent Posts

As students progress from one educational division to the next, it is most important that families, students and teaching staff communicate often and effectively. “Receiving Teachers” are briefed by “Sending Teachers” with respect to a student’s learning strengths and needs, their apparent socio-emotional development and academic achievement levels. This sharing of information is crucial as we develop program plans and lessons. In addition, program enrichment opportunities are reviewed as well as any remedial/tutorial support that seems prudent to consider. Parents are encouraged to discuss division transfers with their child’s teacher or contact a teacher currently in the division that their child is entering.

We look forward to such contact and welcome opportunities to share information which families may find helpful. Students currently registered in grade eight will enter secondary school and as we prepare our graduates for this exciting change, we can also offer parents some insight with respect to placement options they may wish to consider, both private and public. It is not too early to begin asking questions about next year’s program. Your child’s current teacher would be pleased to discuss the grade or division transition with you or direct you to another teacher who may have the information you need. Transitions are exciting and a well planned change helps to ensure success. The “key” is open, frank and frequent communication.