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One-to-One Support

The goal is simple: to ensure that all UMS students receive the individualized instruction they require to maximize the academic progress that is consistent with their abilities.

Students in grades one through eight are able to access academic remedial assistance in many subject areas. The key focus areas are mathematics, written language, and reading skills. Students receive direct instruction in small groups or 1:1 teaching by certified teachers. This assistance usually occurs during the school day and generally lasts as long as the learning needs are present. Often, students can overcome learning obstacles and conclude their remedial program. In some instances, students require long term monitoring and support, and this help is also available. This remedial program is an integral and valued part of the UMS approach to curriculum and support.

As additional support for math and language, our grade one and two classes have teaching assistants to provide one-to-one and small group support. This is an invaluable resource and one that sets up our younger students for future academic success.

Contact the school to learn more about remedial tutoring for your child.