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What is Edsby?

UMS has long believed that technology has a role to play in helping students and teachers see their daily work, and for parents to be able to see what students are doing on a daily basis. To facilitate this, UMS initially looked at systems such as NetCommunity from Blackbaud, Desire2Learn, WebCT and Angel. But none were appropriate. None of them focused on reporting back what students do by day, what homework they have.

Our IT staff learned about Edsby—which was able to provide much of what UMS needed almost immediately and was implemented in 2016 across the Elementary program. UMS uses virtually every capability of Edsby, relying on the system for daily attendance, school news, course planning, student/teacher class collaboration, coordinating extracurricular groups and teams, class assessments, analytics, report cards, and more.

Edsby is a single place for students, parents and teachers to see daily work. This is the core of educational communication: students need to know what their current task is, when it is due, and have instant access to related resources. It focuses the students and parents on what happened in class and relevant homework, and also provides a comprehensive overview of information on each student that can be accessed by front office staff, including attendance, academics, group involvements and more.

What is the Virtual Library?

UMS has also developed a new virtual catalog of e-books that we are making available to all of our students. This virtual library allows students to access the UMS library catalog online from the internet. In addition, our e-book catalog will also be made available to all grades at UMS.