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Music Education

Loreum Ipsum

A Sound to Remember

Students at UMS begin their four year musical journey in instrumental music as early as grade five. They choose an instrument that is suitable for their particular embouchure with the expertise of the instructor. They have a choice of most of the wind, brass, and percussion instruments to assist them in the process of becoming musically educated. The focus involves giving the students music education programme to read music and develop their skills on their instrument of choice. They learn about melodic and rhythmic accuracy, dynamics and phrasing, as well as interpretation of the appropriate style in a variety of musical genres which brings music to life.

Marvel at the breathtaking spectacle of our grade eight concert and jazz bands performing at a senior high school level with a musical energy uncommon at this grade. As an incentive, students have the opportunity to play in festivals such as Music Alive and Music Fest. Our drum enthusiasts will thrill to the pulsating rhythms of our Latin Percussion Ensemble. All of our five bands are award winning ensembles at the platinum and gold levels in provincial and national festivals.


Vocal Music

Unionville Montessori music education programme provides vocal music classes beginning in Grade 1. The students learn to sing through reading music notation in solfège (a method used to teach pitch and sight singing using doh, re, mi), as well as in letter names. Our singing is accompanied by learning to play Orff instruments, such as xylophones and glockenspiels. Proper vocal technique is taught progressively through the elementary grades, with an emphasis on mastery of pitch, volume and timbre. All students in Grades 1 & 2 are given short, private keyboard lessons, once a week, as a regular feature of the curriculum. Younger students participate in a musical produced by their own grade. This year Grade 2 will conceive Stone Soup, and Grade 3 will produce Bach to the Future. Grade 3 brings the integration of playing recorder into music class, in preparation for playing wind instruments in Grade 5.

Three choirs are offered and available to all students at UMS, including a Grade 1 choir, the Grade 2 -3 Junior Choir, and the award winning Appassionata Singers, Grades 4 – 8. Older students can participate in a larger theatrical production, this year “The Wizard of Oz”. Regular participation in festivals, annual school concerts, and other extra-curricular trips are features of membership in UMS choirs bringing vocal music fully to life.