Enrichment Learning Programs Enrichment Learning Programs

Enrichment Learning Programs

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Extending the Enrichment Learning Experience for Students

UMS offers a variety of enrichment learning program options to all students from grades 4-8, which enhance both the Ontario Curriculum and the learning experiences at UMS.  It offers students a real world application of the concepts and knowledge they have consolidated to date.

All children can profit from enrichment opportunities. To this end, we focus on extended-learning experiences and the development of higher-order thinking skills.

Enrichment progammes we offer:

Advertising/Marketing Practical Applications icon

Advertising Marketing-Practical Applications

Engineering icon


Entrepreneurship “Open for Business” icon

Entrepreneurship “Open for Business”

Internet Advanced Instruction icon

Internet – Advanced Instruction

iWeb Website Design icon

iWeb Website Design

Music icon

Music (Superband, Jazz Band, & Appassionata Choir)


Magazine Publishing

Photography icon


Robotics – Concept to Production icon

Robotics – Concept to Production

Stock Market “Money Matters” icon

Stock Market “Money Matters”

Cooking icon


Comic/Graphic Text Creation icon

Comic/Graphic Text Creation

Financial Literacy icon

Financial Literacy

Inventioneering – Science and Technology icon

Inventioneering – Science and Technology

Journalism icon


Leadership Skill Development icon

Leadership Skill Development

Math icon


Public Speaking icon

Public Speaking

Software Applications icon

Software Applications(Photoshop/Excel)

Student Council icon

Student Council