Program Enchancements

Program Enhancements


One of the ways in which UMS stands apart from other schools is by offering many additional opportunities for learning above and beyond our Montessori curriculum.  One of those wonderful opportunities is our unique music classes.  Using the ORFF Approach of music education, our teachers combine music, movement and speech into lessons.  This approach is a “child-centred way of learning” and treats music as a basic system like language.    Through participation in these classes Pre-Casa and Casa students develop their knowledge and skills through listening, performing and creating. Students learn to identify various elements of music (beat, rhythm, pitch, etc.), accompany songs using rhythmic instruments, sing songs from a variety of cultures, and communicate their own thoughts and feelings about music and what it means to them.

On occasion, UMS has had special guest musicians from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Trillium Brass Quartet among others.