Program Enhancements

Program Enhancements

We have significantly enhanced the Montessori programme of education by offering additional opportunities for learning in such areas as French, music, computers and physical education. In addition, we have developed two exciting “Head-Start” programmes in the Sciences and Arts where soon-to-be Casa graduates have access to our private elementary school resources and get a “Head-Start” heading into grade 1.

Casa Science “Head-Start” Programme

Students in their final year of our Montessori programme gain early entry into the “Head Start” Elementary program at Unionville Montessori Private School. Using an inquiry-based approach, the children begin scientific discovery in a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped lab under the guidance of our Ontario-certified science teacher.

Geared to the capabilities of the children, the program is designed to be highly engaging, employing “hands-on” experiments coupled with SmartBoard technology. With the “Head Start” Project, these young scientists will be ready to begin their enriched Grade 1 program at UMS with enthusiasm and an enhanced set of learning skills.

Casa “Head-Start” Arts Programme

Children registered in the Casa Montessori program will experience a unique learning opportunity with access to our elementary school’s Art & Design Studio. Under the professional direction of our resident artist, the children participate in an exciting and creative arts experience. Our program provides a natural vehicle through which students can explore and express themselves and through which they can discover and interpret the world around them. Participation involves development of motivation and confidence, and the use of creative ways of thinking.

French Programme

All Canadian public schools offer a core French program which usually will begin in Grade 4. At UMS, French instruction begins in pre-school. French is taught using a unique program call AIM (Accelerated Integrated Methodology). The premise of this approach is that students learn and remember better when they combine gestures to go with the words they are saying. It includes defined gestures for 700 essential French words. This is one of the most effective methods that help children achieve high levels of fluency.  Older Casa children then learn to make simple sentences by combining the nouns and gestures thereby building the foundation to develop fluency in the Elementary programme.