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Our Story

Situated in historic Unionville, Ontario, Unionville Montessori Private School (UMS) is widely recognized as a distinguished educational setting. UMS is a co-educational, non-denominational private school officially registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. Established in 1987, the school has a proud tradition of quality instruction, measurable educational excellence, and noteworthy student achievement.

Unionville Montessori School

UMS’s hallmark is a clear focus on high expectations blending academic success with the character development of the individual child. For the past ten (10) years, UMS students have exceeded the Canadian achievement norms in every grade and every subject as measured by the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT-4). Local, Provincial, and National student achievements in mathematics are also commendable. The student success rate attests to the quality instruction and support they receive on an ongoing basis. The children are offered a diversified, challenging, and enriched elementary academic curriculum. At UMS, we teach children how to learn rather than merely what to learn. This approach reinforces creative thinking, problem-solving, team-building, and self-confidence. These four elements guide educational programmes at every level.

Classroom lessons encourage students to explore, discover, challenge, and debate as they engage in dialogues with their peers and their teachers. UMS students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life through activities that promote academic excellence, self-reliance, good sportsmanship, aesthetic appreciation, and critical thinking. The educational programme generally exceeds the Ontario Curriculum learning expectations in both depth and breadth. At UMS, curriculum research and development also remains a priority. Refinements to enhance exemplary programming, effective teaching, and student achievement are important, and efforts to move forward on all three fronts are part of our blueprint for the future.

Since the school’s inception, our objective has remained consistent: to create a learning experience and environment that is uniquely engaging, challenging, relevant, and tailored to the learning needs of every student. Unionville Montessori Private School students gain a well-rounded, dynamic education that promotes a strong academic and social foundation. Preparing students for success when they enter secondary school settings is a common goal. Our parallel goal is to prepare students to become lifelong learners, committed citizens, and individuals of laudable character.