National Achievement National Achievement

National Achievement

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Building Future Decision Makers

Independent, external measures of school and student success are very important because they:

  • check-icon Help schools to refine what they do well
  • check-icon Encourage schools to improve in areas that may need further development
  • check-icon Lend legitimacy to current academic practices
  • check-icon Affirm the perceptions of student learning and student achievement
  • check-icon Provide a focus on degrees of student achievement

The Canadian Achievement Test (CAT – 4) is one such instrument, a national battery of academic tests which provides very specific measures of student achievement at assigned grade levels. UMS uses this test as one indicator of how well we are  developing and delivering programs to children and how well they are achieving within the Ontario Curriculum. In part, it also guides our enrichment program development and delivery because these advanced learning opportunities capitalize on each student’s strengths and interests. Students at Unionville Montessori Private School are compared with over 48,000 elementary students across Canada. UMS receives a school ranking by grade level, which specifies where our students’ achievement levels lie, when compared to other same grade Canadian students. A cursory glance at the 2013 grade data charts reveals that UMS students in every single grade have again exceeded the Canadian academic achievement norm in every category measured by this national assessment over the past 10+ years.

Top Tier Status

“Achieving Top Tier” status as a school of excellence is indicative of the effort, attitude and character of the students who attend Unionville Montessori Private School. To reach this laudable height, a school must have a clear vision of where it wants to be and how it’s actions may benefit children. UMS has such a vision. The school’s blueprint for success is, in reality, quite simple, “to tailor programs and their delivery to meet the needs of every learner.” By personalizing educational experiences and developing quality programs that are well balanced, UMS is able to set the climate for high achievement, maintain high expectations and cause student success to be the norm. We are proud of the commendable national achievements of our students. We remain proud of  the high calibre of our faculty.”

Mrs. R. Remtulla, Director of Education