Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities


Activities For Students

UMS offers extra curricular activities in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Programmes are held in various locations at the school and students will get picked up and dropped off to and from their classes.  All programmes will run over the course of eight to ten week periods from September through June.

There are a variety of extra curricular activities available to the students at UMS and students are encouraged to get involved in as many activities as possible. Activities include:

LEGO Animation LEGO Animation combines the fun of playing with LEGO and computer animation! Students construct their own characters, then using stop-motion technology, and a bit of imagination, they bring their story to life.
Martial Arts Our highly qualified Sensei provides training in balance, coordination, concentration and flexibility and also teaches the principles of respect, self-discipline and self-defense.
Fun Sports Students will develop gross motor and fine motor skills while developing character traits including leadership, communication, team work and confidence.
Piano Students are taught to play the piano following the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.
Robotics Students are provided with a meaningful and authentic framework to make connections to their lives beyond just the classroom.
AV Club This club will introduce your child to audio visual technology through the use of iPads and state of the art equipment in the school’s auditorium.
Table Tennis Students will have the opportunity to learn the rules, techniques and the strategies needed to play table tennis. A great activity during lunch!
Chess Chess enhances students’ reading, memory, and mathematical abilities. It will teach the students how to think logically and strengthen their problem solving skills in order to make difficult and abstract decisions independently.
Jazz Dance Students have the opportunity to express themselves through free movement while listening to modern music.
Aerospace An introductory course that is filled with exciting educational projects applicable to flight. Students will construct their flying objects while applying the knowledge of forces causing movement, structures, and stability.
Guitar Lessons Private guitar lessons for students using the Royal Conservatory of Music Guitar Curriculum.
Ballet This introductory ballet course will encourage gracefulness, flexibility, endurance and music interpretation. Ballet skills are a good starting point for any type of dance from classical to jazz and modern.
Rhythmic Gymnastics This class introduces children to basic movement in dance and gymnastics. This programme allows young athletes to progress at their own pace while learning basic skills of balance and coordination.
Multi-Sports Students will develop gross motor and fine motor skills while developing character traits including leadership, communication, team work and confidence.
Jazz Band This ensemble involves participation from students who play musical instruments such as woodwinds, brass, keyboards and drums. The band also participates in a variety of school concerts and attend several competitions throughout the school year.
Arts & Crafts Students are involved with painting, crafting, sculpting (or even just plain drawing!) The instructor leads students through step-by-step instruction for eight weeks of fun and enjoyable crafts using many different materials and techniques.