Welcome to UMS



Message from the Administration

Thank you for considering UMS for your child’s education, growth and happiness.   Each year, we have the distinct privilege of watching our students reach great heights, whether it is in academics, national and local competitions, school performances, athletics, or in any one of our education, science, or literary fairs. We strongly believe in the learning experience and environment we create together at UMS between the school, the teachers, the parents, and the students.  We firmly believe that success in education at UMS and elsewhere rests on four key points:

  • A culture based on high expectations within quality programmes
  • A flexible and responsive structure
  • A strategy that is clear
  • A focused and flawless execution of this strategy

The principle that guides UMS is to articulate why we believe our school can provide the superlative education that your children both require and deserve in today’s world. It is no longer enough to master text content and classroom lessons. It is now necessary to work with new ideas and problems creatively and collegially, to be highly adaptive to change, to anticipate change, and to become effective verbal, written, and technological communicators.

The programmes, faculty, and resources at UMS are purpose-driven by this view, and as a result, our students are action-oriented. By graduation, our students will have consolidated and internalized the learning process, become equipped with critical knowledge and skills, and refined character traits that will serve them well in the future.

Thank you again for considering UMS.   We look forward to meeting you at the school very soon.

UMS Administration Team

  • Rosemin Remtulla, Director of Education
  • Susan Hodgins, Head of Resource and Remedial
  • Tanya Chisling, Vice Principal of Casa
  • Kammy Elliot, Head of Casa Resource and Remedial
  • Dan Ready, Manager of Information & Technology
  • Melissa Sambrooks, Elementary Administrative Assistant
  • Sandra Hincks, Casa Administrative Assistant
  • Pam Papaioannou, Vice Principal Pre-Casa