A Tradition of Excellence in Markham 1987 – 2014

by / Sunday, 12 January 2014 / Published in Recent Posts

Beginning in 1987, our school, your school, was founded on a simple premise, an unwavering commitment to children. This commitment required that we develop outstanding programs, meet individual needs and deliver excellent learning experiences. Our goal was both simple and complex, to become a school of unparalleled excellence. Our desire to become the standard to which other schools compare themselves still drives our efforts to be the best we can be. Each year, we have made significant strides to better ourselves, our facilities and our programs for children. We remain grateful for the continued support of UMS families who see the difference we are co-operatively making in the lives of young people. Judging by the successes of our graduates in secondary school, we seem to be on the right track. UMS grads consistently secure admission into the finest private and public education programs in our region. Current UMS students consistently achieve academic excellence on national assessments and excel within our enriched curriculum. These facts mean a lot to us, but they mean more for you. They represent tangible measures of excellence. People often say that success breeds success. This adage seems to ring true for UMS students as they expect and experience success on a regular basis. As we enter 2014, be assured that we will do our level best to reach every learner, deliver a superb program, communicate with you sincerely and remain committed to the education of your child.