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Each year, we have the distinct privilege of watching our students reach great heights, whether it is in academics, national and local competitions, school performances, athletics, or in any one of our education, science, or literary fairs.

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  • Pre & Jr Casa Program

    The Montessori philosophy and method of teaching fosters a loving...

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  • Sr Casa Program

    The Montessori approach is a student-centred and student-directed...

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  • Elementary Program

    Our Elementary program implements the Ontario Curriculum...

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  • June 10, 2019

  • June 10, 2019

    Freedom and movement go hand-in-hand

  • June 10, 2019

    In May, Senior Casa classes had a visit

  • June 10, 2019

    During the months of May and June

  • June 10, 2019

    In a Montessori learning environment, students

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